Leonard & Eva

Like many people, I was eagerly awaiting the release of the 1921 Census of England and Wales in January. I purchased several census images that first day but it was a few days later before I realised something rather sweet on one of them. Not particularly important in the grand scheme of things, but something … Continue reading Leonard & Eva

Kitty & her Chow Chows

I have always been interested in my family history, particularly my great-grandmother and namesake Kitty, and before I learnt how to find censuses and official records last year, I used to occasionally google Kitty’s name to see what I could find. A few years ago I discovered that the website had some wonderful pictures … Continue reading Kitty & her Chow Chows

Kitty in the First World War

My great-grandmother Kate “Kitty” Beatrice Cuthbert, née Williams, is one of the most interesting characters in my family history. A successful breeder of Chow Chows, a shop proprietor, a councillor, a defender of neglected wives and children, but before all those things, when she was 20 years old, she worked at the Australian Imperial Force … Continue reading Kitty in the First World War

‘Reaping Extraordinary’

In the newspaper archives (which, by the way, I access via Find My Past), you can find a lot of very tragic and/or unpleasant stories, and this is usually all I find (if anything) when researching my London and Essex ancestors. However, searching for my Cornish and Devon ancestors has resulted in a few happy, … Continue reading ‘Reaping Extraordinary’

The beginning

I don’t know why it took me so long to actually start researching my family history. It’s a topic that always interested me, and every now and then I’d google the names of my great-grandparents, but aside from a couple of photos of my great-grandmother, I never found anything. I knew my grandad had been … Continue reading The beginning

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